A fellow of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland she has been a member of Engineers Ireland's council and executive committees for the past seven years.She is a graduate of University College Cork and holds a BE in electrical/electronic engineering

Marguerite Sayers,ESB客户解决方案执行总监,在5月30日举行的该组织年度股东大会上,爱尔兰工程师协会第127任主席就职,2019。



“我很清楚,这是一种荣誉。Thank you sincerely for the privilege of being your president for the next 12 months.

‘Promote concept of a career as a professional engineer'


"Related to this is also progressing the outcome on the recent review of regulation of the profession following the great work done by the working groups in the last number of months.

"For an institution that is more than 180 years old,传统非常重要。However,progressing with the times is also important.回顾历史,这个机构在过去已经改变了很多次。

"We have made great strides and I would like to further explore (including engaging with sister organisations in other countries,third level institutions,学生和我们的合作伙伴,如果我们需要或可能实施其他变革或现代化。我相信这对于确保我们与这个行业的新进入者保持联系是很重要的。


"I would also like to ensure that we continue to provide a recognised expert voice and opinion on important topics such as climate change and engineering standards,and to ensure that the public and decision-makers are informed by the profession rather than less informed sources.

“我期待着见到你,我们的成员,over the course of this year.我将依靠你的支持,同样,如果在接下来的几个月里我能为你做些什么,please do get in touch."

Engineers Ireland president 2019-2020 Marguerite Sayers.

Sayers has worked in various managerial positions and locations throughout Ireland with ESB since graduating,including senior roles in HR,客户服务和资产管理,她还管理了一段时间ESB的生成产品组合。


In her current customer solutions role,她领导爱尔兰电力能源零售公司,同时还负责ESB的电信业务,E-Cars,and Smart Energy Services businesses,为爱尔兰和英国的客户提供低碳产品和服务。

在活动中,在该组织总部克莱德路22号举行,Professor Orla Feely was also inaugurated as vice-president of the organisation.Feely教授是研究部副总裁,创新与影响,都柏林大学学院(UCD)电子工程教授。

She holds a BE degree from UCD and MS and PhD degrees from the University of California,Berkeley,她的博士论文获得了DJ Sakrison杰出和创新研究纪念奖。

L-R: Vice-president Prof Orla Feely,former president Peter Quinn,现任总统玛格丽特·塞耶斯和副总统莫里斯·巴克利。

Prof Feely is a member of the Royal Irish Academy and a Fellow of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),爱尔兰工程师和爱尔兰工程学院。

She has served as chair of the Irish Research Council,the EU Advisory Group on Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions,and the IEEE Technical Committee on Nonlinear Circuits and Systems,and as a member of a number of editorial boards.

She is a director of the Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition and a member of the Higher Education Authority.Prof Feely became a fellow of Engineers Ireland by presidential invitation in 2012.

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Marguerite Sayers,ESB客户解决方案执行总监,在5月30日举行的该组织年度股东大会上,爱尔兰工程师协会第127任主席就职,2019.Sayers is a fellow of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland and has been a member of Engineers...